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Welcome to Frag It All!

We just don't give a damn.

Frag It!
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Greetings one and all and welcome to fragitall!

1. Credit Me.
Credit either noirraven or fragitall.

Here's how:

Anyone claims my work as their own; I'll have you hunted down like dogs!

2. Textless ARE Bases. Period.

3. Post if taking an icon(s).

If you want to request for a new, totally unreleased, custom icon, please wait until I've made a post entitled, "I'm taking Requests!"

If it's a simple typo correction, recolor, caption or even rephrasing of an icons caption, please fill in the form below and leave it in a comment in the post containing the icon.

Make sure to put ICON CORRECTION/COLORATION REQUEST in the subject line.

This community is open to all ages. However, I will not hinder my creative expression to make it okay for the kiddies. There will be sex, nudity, violence, homosexuality, swearing, and other explicit content I've forgot. If you're not old enough to get a drivers license, then maybe you shouldn't be here.

As for credits to other sites, I can not garentee that every source will be linked/mentioned. Nor will I be able to fully control what users say/do with said copyrighted material. This is a free icon community so it's not like anyone is making any money off of what you made. So Frag off. :P

Artists. I've saved a lot of media over the years and not everything is/will be linked/credited when used. However, I'm always available via email/messenger so just ask me kindly and I'll give you credit, link to your site, whatever. However, I will never remove an icon from the community. Just because I'm willing to comprimise, doesn't mean I'm going to bend over backwards for you.

If I ever get any, they'll be listed here. Please, no patches over 50 x 50 pixels
and no buttons over 88 x 31 or 100 x 20. Affiliates without buttons will be LJ linked.


Affiliates post your links here!

-Coming soon-